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Sarah Cooper

Reiki (pronounced ‘Ray’ ‘Key’) is a gentle yet extremely powerful form of energy therapy.

Many people have found it to be excellent at relieving stress and its associated symptoms, where it is equally well placed whether your issues are more emotional (such as anxiety or depression) or more physical in nature.

As a complimentary therapy, Reiki can be applied in the treatment of any ailment or dis-ease.

It could also help you to  boost your immune system and revive your energy levels.

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What Is Reiki?
Reiki Master Practitioner
Who May Benefit From Reiki?

I like to think everyone, as Reiki works perfectly alongside orthodox medicine. Reiki is increasingly being practised in GPs’ surgeries and hospitals throughout the country as the medical community now acknowledges its benefits.

In fact at the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital, their
Consultant paediatrician Kamal Patel has said: “The Reiki treatment has improved sleep, [lessened] fear, anxiety, distress and pain for children on our paediatric critical unit over and above what we can achieve through modern medicine. To have such a fantastic team of people offering Reiki really helps our patients get better quicker.”

Hence there are no contra-indications and it is therefore totally safe whether you are pregnant, young, old or somewhere in between.

And Reiki may be very beneficial in assisting children and young people to feel better about themselves...
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Why Choose Reiki?

Reiki is kind to your body. No drugs, chemicals or invasive techniques are involved in a treatment.

And in recognising the link between mind and body, Reiki works holistically. Accordingly, Reiki's intention is to enable you to bring yourself back into a state of balance and peacefulness, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Reiki is empowering - it guides you to make changes that can move you into a state of greater well-being.

And because relaxation is an integral part of the treatment, it can be an excellent way of reducing stress which is often acknowledged as being the underlying cause of many health issues.

In fact it is said to be one of the most lovely and relaxing of all the complementary therapies -  one of my clients told me "it was like being wrapped in a duvet of love".

So if you feel like your mind or body would benefit from an hour of deeply peaceful tranquility, then call or text now to make an appointment - most of my clients simply float out of the room...

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